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Welcome to Lean Genesis, a new beginning.  If you are interested in learning about Lean Manufacturing or Continuous Improvement, you’ve landed in the right spot.  Follow along this amazing journey that will open up possibilities that you never imagined existed.  This is a place that will inspire, encourage, teach and challenge those that truly are passionate about Lean Manufacturing. My name is Rob Fletcher.  I am a sensei of TPS. (Sensei translation: teacher.  TPS: Toyota Production System). There are several terms that are linked to Lean Manufacturing and TPS is one of them.  Although I mainly represent the TPS discipline, I very much hope to see interaction from the other factions as well, for we are all working toward the same goal: improvement. A true TPS sensei is also a student, for TPS is a continuous learning process.  I look forward to learning from all of you.  The purpose of this dojo (dojo: place of learning) is to provide a place for all student/teachers to communicate and learn from each other.  Feel free to contribute as you like, but please read as much as possible.  Even though the “T” in TPS represents “Toyota”, it is strongly encouraged (by Toyota themselves) to stand for “Thinking”. Here is something to get us started.  Culture.  A way of behaving in a place or organization. This place should have a positive.  I do encourage intellectual challenges, I do encourage creative, out of the box thinking, I do encourage challenging the status quo and even things we believe to be factual, but I do discourage disrespect, slander, insults etc.  Lean can be an opinionated world at times and people will most definitely have different opinions.  Please feel free to voice them and please feel obligated to not disrespect anyone for doing so. So………….Let’s have a great time, learn some good stuff, make some friends, contribute to society and exercise one of most important attributes:  Communication!

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